10 Years of Morning Pitstops

Ten summers ago on June 23, Felini’s Cookies, the bane to the waistlines of the Tulsa Business Journal staff, opened at 9 E. Fifth St.
Shenia Hillman of the downtown location of the Felini’s chain has been serving up cookies, muffins, sandwiches and more for a decade. The chain itself will soon turn 20.
The staff of The Copy Shop LLC, 5 E. Fifth St., surprised Hillman the morning of the 19th with a banner heralding the anniversary of the opening of the downtown location, a neighborhood favorite for Fifth Street and Boston Avenue dwellers.
“My neighbors are even more excited about it than I am,” Hillman joked.
Hillman had no comment as to whether or not she will be spending another ten years feeding the downtown demand for daily made cookies and selling jalapeno sausage rolls to bleary-eyed journalists from across the street.
The TBJ staff hopes she sticks around. Our press days will be a lot more difficult to get started without Hillman’s smile – and her sausage rolls.

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