20% Of Those Eligible For $5,600 Tax Credit Failed To Claim It In ’09

LITTLE ROCK – One in five people eligible for a tax credit worth more than $5,600 failed to claim it on their returns last year, a lapse that that officials in Arkansas want to correct.

The Internal Revenue Service says last year the earned income tax credit was worth $642 million to the 291,000 low- and middle-income earners in Arkansas who claimed it.

Little Rock and Pulaski County are teaming with the IRS to offer free help to people filing returns on Jan. 30. The IRS says similar help is available across Arkansas, and that people can call (800) 829-1040 to find the time and location nearest to them.

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola says the credit is more important than ever for people whose work hours have been reduced or who were laid off from their jobs.

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