360tulsa.com Launches Mobile Version

Mobile Web site 360tulsa.com launches a mobile version of its Web-based business directory.
The mobile site provides cell phone and mobile users with fast loading content, re-formatted to fit on phone screens and other mobile devices. Features typically found on 360tulsa.com that do not work well on phones such as virtual tours and animations were left out of the mobile display for enhanced speed and usability.
The mobile version focuses on quick access to business information including coupons, events, addresses and phone numbers, which are formatted for click-to-call where available. Users who visit 360tulsa.com will automatically be directed to the mobile site when viewing from a mobile device.
The mobile site, 360tulsa.com, also maintains an iPhone application to complement their directory. The application is similar to the mobile version, but takes advantage of features only available on the iPhone.
The mobile site allows business owners to build and/or enhance their web presence with online marketing tools and showcase their products and services with interactive visuals.

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