3DIcon Expands Product Line With Pixel Precision

3DIcon Corp. releases Pixel Precision Version 2.0, designed for those engaged in the research, design, and development of applications and products involving DLP technology from Texas Instruments.
“We’ve designed and developed version 2.0 to not only make it compatible with Texas Instrument’s DLP Discovery 4000 product line, but also added significant new features that will expand the reach of Pixel Precision to a broader range of customers,” said Hakki Refai, said 3DIcon chief technology officer.
Pixel Precision provides expanded capabilities and is fully compatible with Texas Instruments’ newly released DLP? Discovery 4000 product line.
Both Pixel Precision and the Discovery line of products are distributed by Digital Light Innovations.
Pixel Precision is a software tool that interfaces seamlessly with the DLP Discovery line of products and provides users with quick and precise control over individual mirror pixel elements. Such control would otherwise involve tedious FPGA programming. Pixel Precision eliminates this programming entirely by providing the user with point-and-click control of individual mirrors in the DMD array.

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