3DIcon Receives $299,932 OCAST Grant

3DIcon Corp. awarded a two-year applied-research grant of $299,932 from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology.
The grant finances development of 3DIcon’s groundbreaking CSpace display technology which is capable of rendering high-resolution, 360-degree, true three-dimensional images.
Funding of OCAST’s first-year grant of $149,940 is contingent upon 3DIcon’s providing matching funds of $149,940 for the first year’s research and submission of all required documentation to OCAST.
The project’s start-date is expected to be Jan. 1. OCAST’s second-year grant of $149,992 is contingent on 3DIcon’s obtaining matching funds and a satisfactory performance evaluation of the first-year’s research.
OCAST’s goal is to see Oklahoma become a leader in new technologies, science, research, and development, said Michael Carolina OCAST executive director.
“To that end, we invest in Oklahoma companies that we feel have the most promising technologies for commercialization and job creation in our state,” he said. “3DIcon’s CSpace is a transformative technology with the potential to impact industry worldwide. We support 3DIcon’s efforts to develop innovative technologies through productive partnerships of private enterprise with higher education and research at Oklahoma’s many creative centers of learning.”
OCAST’s grant is a vote of confidence in three-dimensional communications, said Martin Keating, 3DIcon’s chairman and CEO.
“CSpace, and the future of technology in Oklahoma. These funds will accelerate our research and development efforts while strengthening our budget in a way that is most beneficial for our shareholders,” he said.

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