3DIcon Releases Redesigned Web site

3DIcon Corp. releases an updated website – http://www.3DIcon.net.
The new site will provide support and information to answer the most common questions about the Company and its breakthrough 3D imaging technology – CSpace.
The proprietary 3D display system — CSpace — can provide true, single-color, high-resolution, 360-degree, three-dimensional images without any viewing aids. This technology is the first system of its kind that has no mechanical moving parts. 3D imaging systems such as CSpace have the potential to increase accuracy in real-time decision-making and can potentially speed up procedures in multiple applications. The new website provides more detailed information on the technology and the Company’s operations. It will be updated as appropriate.
“3DIcon’s display technology has the potential to revolutionize the display field and the way images can be visualized. Our technology renders true 360-degree single-color volumetric images which can be viewed from any angle and can provide realistic 3D images on the display. There are major applications in a number of industries, including the healthcare and security fields, and we are moving to expose this unique technology to a number of potential markets,” commented Martin Keating, 3DIcon chairman and CEO. 3DI develops three-dimension projection and display technologies.

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