A Masters in Entrepreneurship

Dr. Surya P. Singh, Ph.D., comes to Tulsa with a wealth of experience in developing business.
Now he hopes to share that knowledge by developing a new master’s program in entrepreneurial studies at Langston University-Tulsa.
Singh is the dean of the new Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and Research at Langston University-Tulsa campus, 700 N. Greenwood Ave.
He holds three masters degrees and a doctorate in economics. He has published 18 books, holds four patents in agribusiness and two in economics/finance and has won the Queen’s Commonwealth Award and the World Bank’s Global Market Place Award.
Singh sees a “need of this kind of program, particularly in this area of Oklahoma,” which he feels is on the verge of an economic surge.
“I personally feel that people are starting to move in here, rather than moving out,” he said.
He is designing the program to prepare students “for starting up your own venture at some stage in your career.”
Singh is developing the curriculum for the program “from scratch,” and plans to have it ready to launch in spring or Fall 2007.
“I am pretty sure this is going to be a program of distinction.”

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