AAA Seeks Texting Ban

AAA and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety will work to pass laws banning text messaging by drivers in all 50 states by 2013.
AAA cites strong public support for the laws, the danger of distracted driving, and new research by the Automobile Club of Southern California showing the positive impact of California’s texting ban.
In addition, AAA is joining the Foundation to call on motorists to drive distraction-free during the week of Oct. 5–11 as part of its inaugural Heads Up Driving Week.
“The new technologies that help us multitask in our everyday lives, when combined with increasingly popular social media sites, present hard-to-resist challenges for the typically safe driver,” said AAA Oklahoma spokesman Chuck Mai. “Enacting texting bans for drivers can help halt the spread of this dangerous practice among motorists and is a key legislative priority for AAA in Oklahoma and around the country.”
Currently, 18 states and the District of Columbia have laws that address text messaging by all drivers. Plus, two more states have laws that prohibit teens and other new drivers from texting while driving.
“AAA will be actively lobbying in Oklahoma this year to pass an anti-texting law,” said Mai. “In fact, AAA and others will make presentations before the Oklahoma House of Representatives Public Safety Committee at a special interim study on the matter Oct. 8 in the State Capitol Building. And we continue to warn drivers of the dangers of distracted driving through public education, driver training, and other safety programs.”
Recent high-profile texting crashes and a provocative TV public service announcement in Britain have brought the dangers of distracted driving, and texting while driving in particular, into the public spotlight.

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