ABC: Flintco Certified Green

Associated Builders and Contractors names Flintco Inc., a Certified Green Contractor.
ABC’s Green Contractor Certification program recognizes construction companies that implement green practices and principles in the workplace, including headquarters, branch offices and jobsites.
“The ABC Green Contractor Certification program demonstrates that our members are leaders in the construction community, establishing sustainable workplace environments – both on and off the jobsite,” said W. Brewster Earle, chairman of the ABC National Green Building Committee and senior vice president of Energy Services at Comfort Systems USA, in Hartford, Conn. “Flintco represents ABC’s commitment to responsible building and has set an example for the industry by promoting green practices within the company.”
Tulsa-based Flintco is one of four ABC companies to participate in a pilot program and earn the Certified Green Contractor distinction. To achieve Green Contractor Certification under the pilot program, Flintco, Inc. submitted documentation to support its green efforts; underwent a third-party onsite assessment; and was certified by ABC’s National Green Building Committee.
“This is an exciting achievement for the Flintco family,” said Lowell Heck, vice president of corporate operations. “We at Flintco take pride in our commitment to leaving a jobsite in better condition than when we initially arrived.”
The Green Contractor Certification process involves a list of 12 prerequisites ranging from distributing documents electronically to establishing an aggressive recycling program. Companies are required to fulfill 12 of 36 elective items that include conducting a professional energy audit, water conservation efforts and providing incentives for carpooling or using public transportation. In addition, each company must achieve four education and training benchmarks, such as instructing employees on sustainability issues and requiring at least 50 percent of their managers to receive green building awareness education.

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