AEP Seeks Buyers for Inactive Plants

American Electric Power is actively seeking buyers for four inactive gas-fired power generating plants in Texas.

The four plants, with historical generating capacity, acreage and location, are located in Abilene (18 megawatts, approximately 29 acres), Fort Phantom (362 megawatts, approximately 164 acres), Lake Pauline (35 megawatts, approximately 1,217 acres) and Rio Pecos (136 megawatts, approximately 80 acres).

None of the four plants have operated since 2004.

AEP is seeking bids for all four plants, but it will consider bids for individual plants as long as all can be sold. Indications of interest in the plants are due by early September. Formal bids are expected by November. The bidding will be completed in a two-stage process: initial indication bids first, followed by binding bids from selected parties.

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