AT&T Says ‘We’re Sorry’

We hear that the Oklahoma Corporation Commission made AT&T play nice with EasyTel Communications.
Over the past six months AT&T sales reps claimed AT&T had purchased EasyTel and that the smaller carrier was reselling AT&T service.
An AT&T regional vice president admitted there had been some “misconceptions in the market.”
In an undated and unsigned letter mailed in late June, EasyTel said it complained to the commission about “false and misleading information” about EasyTel.
“We believe that AT&T or its authorized sales reps have been contacting businesses and giving them false and misleading information,” EasyTel said.
After listening to EasyTel’s complaint, the commission contacted AT&T.
“We had to let our customers know what was going on,” said an EasyTel employee.
The three-letter behemoth phone company — which at one time claimed, “we may be the only phone company in town, but try not to act like it” — had to write a letter to “clarify any misunderstanding that may be have been caused by our marketing tactics.”
“Clearly, it was not AT&T’s official stance,” said Bob Wallace, AT&T regional vice president.
In fact, EasyTel, which has about 2,200 customers, has laid more than 300 miles of fiber optic network throughout downtown, as far south as Jenks and Bixby and out to Garnett Road.
AT&T officials suspected that some AT&T agents “implied” that EasyTel was going out of business, or “misdirected customers in thinking that,” Wallace said.
“Once it was brought to our attention, we made sure that anyone who represented AT&T in that capacity would be dealt with swiftly and completely,” Wallace said. “It was not AT&T’s intention to let any of our sales agents imply that.”

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