Active district projects ongoing

Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith maintains an active list of projects completed and underway in District 2.
The long-term project is the completion of a new Tulsa County Juvenile Justice facility.
Selser Shaffer Architects have been selected locally and they have brought in KMD out of San Francisco, she said. The plan is to build a sustainable campus and create a Justice Corridor.
A regional committee working as a team was successful in getting the Gilcrease Expressway on the ‘‘One Voice’’ agenda of the Tulsa Metro Chamber. A public rollout of the plan is schedule in January 2010.
Completed projects in Sand Springs include: finishing paving at 81st West Ave., and Old North Road; organizing two community meetings to discuss upcoming roadwork and seek a consensus on shared use with bicycles; resurfacing parking lot for Sand Spring schools; facilitating flashing lights on 41st St. near the Rolling Oaks neighborhood and 65th West Ave.; brought city leaders together to get water lines in for an RV park project stalled in south Sand Springs or Prattville; hold meeting every six weeks with group at Crescent Cafe to talk issues, and partner with Health Department and American Heritage Bank to tear down and remove derelict properties on Highway 97.
More work is needed with the Rolling Oaks intersection improvement that could include a stop light at 65th West Ave., Keith said.
Other unfinished projects include finishing the bridge on Weikiwa Road; paving a parking lot between the Case Center and maintenance building — pending a statute change; and finishing work on Avery Drive that was missed last summer because of rain. Those road repairs are a top priority, the list indicates.
Road crews recently paved the parking lot outside the Berryhill Stadium, a cooperative effort between the county and school.
Keith said she regularly meets with the Glenpool leadership team and is a member of that city’s Chamber of Commerce.
Unfinished work in that area includes finishing 121st Street from Elwood to Highway 75. This is a main artery and a high priority for the Glenpool leadership. The roadway also is heavily traveled by tanker gas trucks.
Another roadway, 131st Elwood to the highway is a main thoroughfare, unsafe and in extremely bad condition, Keith said. The bridge no longer accommodate heavy trucks and buses. The road also has a difficult hill that needs to be shaved. Because of the bridge condition as well as the paving, this road also should be a high priority. Work can begin only after the statute is changed.
The Glenpool leadership also would like to have a family gathering and reunion site developed with covered picnic and seating areas on undeveloped county park land behind the community center.
Keith also is meeting regularly with the Jenks leadership team, is a member and attends some chamber events.
She also is a member of the Southwest Tulsa Chamber of Commerce.

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