Airport Noise Program Completes 1,000th Home

Tulsa city and airport officials mark the completion of the 1,000th home in Tulsa International Airport’s Noise Mitigation Program.
A ceremony will be held at the home of John and Sadie Neil, at 8934 E. Oklahoma St.
The Neil’s home was the 1,000th home with the completed sound attenuation option. Additionally, 51 homes have been sold through the sales assistance option, and 77 homeowners have received cash payments.
The QuieterHome Program offers three options to eligible homeowners:
Easement Acquisition Program — offers a one-time cash payment of $2,500 to homeowner.
Sales Assistance Program — offers a financial payment to the homeowner in the private sale of an eligible home, to compensate for the difference between the final sale price and the fair market value of the property as determined by an appraisal process.
Residential Sound Attenuation Program — offers installation in eligible homes of treatments designed to reduce the impact of outside noise to the inside living environment in eligible homes.
TUL’s Noise Mitigation Program began in 2000, after Federal Aviation Administration acoustical studies determined that 1,672 homes, four schools, and three churches were eligible for program assistance. The program is managed by C&S Engineers, headquartered in Syracuse, NY. Several local contractors have been involved in the various phases of the program.
Typically, groups of 50-70 homes are assembled in work packages that are bid by construction firms. In recent years, the QuieterHome Program has completed about 200 homes per year.
Currently, the final homes in the program are scheduled for construction in 2012. Afterwards, the eligible schools and churches will be sound attenuated.

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