Alisee Momo Comes to Whittier Square

They don’t care how you say the name, as long as you come by for a sandwich and some java.
Alisee Momo, a budding coffee shop and café at 2326 E. Admiral Blvd., opened at Whittier Square earlier this summer. The name of the cafe is derived from pop artist Erykah Badu lyrics, “and there as many ways to pronounce the name as there are stories behind it,” said manager Corey Douglas.
Nested with Circle Cinema, a recording studio and a branch of the Tulsa City-County Library, management at Alisee Momo aims to help make the Kendall Whittier area a one-stop shop for entertainment and “things to do.”
“We’re trying to make Whittier Square a destination again,” Douglas said.
Coffee, along with a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, are available at the new restaurant, which has room for about 60 diners. Menu items include freshly prepared salads and sandwiches, along with soups and wraps, most priced at about $6. The menu is expanding and will soon feature a greater variety of breakfast options.
Local visual artists display their work for sale at Alisee Momo, and the mike is open for poets Wednesday nights. Several local bands have already played the venue during the evenings, Douglas said, and a stand-up comedy night might soon be on the calendar.
“We kind of hit the ground running with it, because we knew we wanted the art on the walls within the first week. We started getting more and more.”
Management is now flirting with the idea of hosting game tournaments as well as discount days for large groups, Douglas said. Management also plans to hold a book drive, providing discounts to customers who donate reading material to the café.
“A neighborhood gathering spot is really what we’re trying for,” Douglas said.

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