Amarex to Sell Pryor Property, Build in Tulsa

Amerex Group Inc., a New York based hazardous waste transportation and logistics firm has announced it is putting its Pryor assets up for sale for $3 million.
Since the purchase of the property in 2006, 1,000 tons of stainless steel, 41 tons of copper and 4,000 tons of carbon steel will have been removed from the property, according to a company release.
This process is expected to be complete by Sept. 6, 2007.
As planned, proceeds from the salvage of these materials have exceeded the purchase price of the property and asbestos removal costs. The company is also on schedule to complete the abatement of the asbestos problem, a prerequisite to negotiate a favorable price in selling the property.
According to Nicholas Malino, CEO of Amerex Group, the company will benefit from the relocations of Google and Pepsico to the area. “We were fortunate that two great neighbors are moving into the industrial park near the Pryor facility, and have caused significant increases in value to the nearby properties.”
Amerex, which in July broke ground on its first water treatment facility in Kansas City, recently announced intentions to build a facility in Tulsa.
“We expect both plants to be operational before the end of the year, and based on communication with our customers in the area, we expect that we should be operating close to capacity within two-three months,” said Craig McMahon, Amerex’s vice president of operations.
Stephen Onody, chief operating officer, said, “All of the buildings, foundations, and containments already exist at our Tulsa location, so although we will not begin construction of the Tulsa plant until mid- September, both facilities should come on line at approximately the same time.”

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