American Performance Funds Renamed

American Performance Funds renames its fund complex to Cavanal Hill Funds.
“Renaming the fund family to Cavanal Hill Funds provides a clear association between the fund family and its long-standing investment advisor, Cavanal Hill Investment Management, Inc.,” said Brian Henderson, president of Cavanal Hill Investment Management.
The change follows a rebrand of the funds’ investment advisor, Cavanal Hill Investment Management, Inc. in June 2008. The firm changed its name and brand to reflect its continued growth and service to clients located throughout the nation.
Combined, the rebranding effort now provides Cavanal Hill Investment Management and the funds with a consistent, effective brand image to support sales and marketing efforts in any market throughout the U.S.
Cavanal Hill Investment Management Inc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Oklahoma. As of Sept. 30, 2008, Cavanal Hill managed more than $6 billion in assets.
“Cavanal Hill Investment Management has enjoyed steady growth since we formed in 1991,” said Henderson, who has been with the firm since 1993. “We now serve clients throughout the United States and we need a strong brand that represents the sophisticated service we provide while showing an immediate connection to the family of funds we manage.”
According to Henderson, only the fund names have changed. Fund tickers remain the same.
“Although the fund names are changing, we remain committed to providing the same dedication to service and performance customers have enjoyed from our fund family,” Henderson said. “Our investment management team and our strategies will remain the same.”

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