Anyware Mobile Solutions Renews Hertz Deal

MacroSolve Inc. subsidiary Anyware Mobile Solutions renews contract with Navigation Solutions LLC, producers of the Hertz NeverLost system, tracking about 200,000 mobile systems assets for the world’s largest car rental brand.

It marks the fourth year that Anyware Mobile Solutions has worked closely with Navigation Solutions to increase business value for inventory tracking platforms and mobile solutions. Anyware’s mobile solutions have enhanced operating efficiencies for Navigation Solutions through several key parameters including:
— Real-time visibility and management of 200,000 Hertz Neverlost? system assets
— Greater productivity and efficiency for field personnel
— Cost reductions through informed decision-making
— Increased revenue from accurate, complete inventory reporting

“We were brought in four years ago to assess Navigation Solutions’ mobile strategy. We were able to deliver a complete solution, including hardware, software, and integration that not only increased their operating efficiencies, we also uncovered revenue assurance that our client is benefiting from today. We are very pleased to continue to be Navigation Solutions’ trusted mobility partner,” stated MacroSolve President and CEO, Clint Parr.

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