App Pushes Up-to-Date Info to iPhone

The Web site releases an iPhone application that allows users to view information about Tulsa businesses on their iPhones.
Just like the, the iPhone app gives users access to up-to-date information about businesses, including logos, locations, events and detailed text description.
“This is another way to deliver local contact info in a creative format, allowing business owners to reach a lot of people,” said Aaron Kimbrough, general manager.
Business listings include a link to a map with a location plotted and a call button, which allows users to call with a click.
Coupons that are available on the site are available on the iPhone app, with the disclaimer that businesses may still require a printed copy and do not have to accept coupons displayed on the iPhone.
The iPhone app includes search functionality and the ability to narrow selections to only businesses that are near a specific location. The “show only near me” option filters results so that only businesses within 5 miles of the phone’s current location are shown. This hyper-localized content will help drive customers to the businesses most relevant to them.
The application is free in the iPhone store, listed under the name “360Directories.” iPhone users who install the app will also be able to view listings for other cities in the 360Directories system.
The iPhone app can be found by searching for “360Directories” in the iTunes App store, or at this link if you have iTunes installed –
Businesses that are members of are automatically listed in the app at no charge.

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