Apsco Expands Facilities

Apsco Inc. has announced plans to expand its local presence by adding 2,000 SF to its manufacturing footprint.
The company plans to spend $500,000 to renovate one of three buildings on the company’s Tulsa campus, 8178 E. 44th St. The building to be renovated, which is currently used as storage, will become office space for managers and administrative staff, freeing up current office space for manufacturing use.
Apsco, which manufactures power controls and systems for the trucking industry, also plans to add air conditioning to its manufacturing buildings.
Apsco, which employs 40, is expected to complete the expansion project by early October.
“By adding square footage and moving our administration offices, we’ll truly be able to become lean; meaning we’ll eliminate waste and get machines to their rightful place,” said Larry Mocha, Apsco president. “This change will also allow for more growth and will propel us closer toward our financial goals.”
Formerly known as Air Powers Systems Co., Apsco was founded in 1964 and generates $10 million in annual revenue.
Robinson Construction Inc., 4410 W. 88th St., is serving as contractor on the renovation project, which was designed by Olsen-Coffey Architects, 324 E. Third St.

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