Aquarium Expansion Planned

Some brain-storming and vision goals solidified by leaders of its foundation has set in motion some massive expansion and renovation plans at the Oklahoma Aquarium at Jenks.
Planned is a home for the aquarium’s loggerhead turtles that will also feature white tip sharks. The tank will be open at the top, allowing a unique encounter with the public who can feed the turtles as well as the sharks, according to a recent report from Don Diehl of the Jenks Journal.
The Turtle/White Tip Shark Experience will likely carry some donor family or corporation name. The anticipated price tag is about $1 million.
Renovation plans also call for a revamp of the aquarium entrance to better feature the White Fishing Tackle Museum and Corkie’s Restaurant.
Mike Tinker, the aquarium’s interim chief operating officer, said that the nearly $4 million in projects are part of a comprehensive plan growing out of a recent retreat held at Tulsa Technological Center-Riverside Campus. He said the work session lasted for several hours as board members and staff identified capital projects and hashed out “aggressive” expansion plans.
The biggest item, $2.5 million will gather all of the aquarium labs and facilities under one roof.
Tinker said funds for the renovation and expansion will come from fund-raisers and other foundations.

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