Area Power Plant Goes Online

American Electric Power’s Southwestern Electric Power Company has begun commercial operation of the new Harry D. Mattison Power Plant at Tontitown, Ark.
Two simple-cycle, natural-gas combustion turbines were declared in commercial operation July 12. For service this summer, the units have an initial combined capacity of 150 MW. After the installation of additional equipment this fall, the capacity will increase by 20 MW to a combined capacity of 170 MW.
Another two combustion turbines with a combined capacity of 170 MW are under construction and scheduled for completion in December 2007. When complete, the four units in the $131 million project will have a total capacity of 340 MW. The possibility of adding more capacity at the site will be evaluated.
SWEPCO announced plans May 31, 2006, to build up to 480 MW of peaking generation at Tontitown. Peaking facilities are used primarily to meet higher demand during summer months when heat and humidity lead to increased air conditioning use and demand on the electric system.

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