Arkansas River Annexation Approved by Jenks City Council

The Jenks City Council approved annexation of the Arkansas River bed and banks from current Jenks corporate city limits across the river to Tulsa corporate city limits.
The action followed a short, Nov. 13 public hearing in which no one spoke on the issue.
Jenks City Attorney Steve Oakley said the annexation is in anticipation of building the Jenks Toll Bridge across the Arkansas near Yale Place and Yale Avenue.
The ordinance calls for “all land formed by accretion adjoining and abutting lots five, seven and eight, and all of the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter situated North and East of the Midland Valley Railroad Right of Way, and all land formed by accretion adjoining and abutting lots one and six adjacent to but not within the corporate limits of the City of Tulsa, section 4 and township 17 of the Indian Base and Meridian in Tulsa County.”

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