Askins Kicks Off Aerospace Summit

Lt. Gov. Jari Askins kicked off the eighth Aerospace Summit and Expo, joining hundreds of Oklahoma businesses and industry leaders in Tulsa.
The summit is designed to provide an open dialog concerning the impact of the aerospace industry on Oklahoma’s economy. Speakers will highlight events throughout the week by providing resources and tips for Oklahoma aerospace companies to thrive.
Askins, Chair of the Aerospace State’s Association’s Workforce Development Committee and the ASA Real World Design Challenge Committee, said she looks forward to the week’s events.
“Oklahoma has a proud, longstanding relationship with the aerospace industry,” Askins said. “This year’s summit will enhance that legacy by focusing on current economic challenges while highlighting the resiliency of the aviation industry.”
Askins will speak at multiple sessions throughout the week, including a keynote address Thursday morning at the Tulsa Technology Center Riverside Campus. The speech will focus on the important role the aerospace industry plays in this state.

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