Authority seeks program expansion

An effort to broaden the noise mitigation program for neighborhoods around Tulsa International Airport without affecting the current program is being sought by the Tulsa Airport Authority and its financing arms.
Jeff Mulder, airports director, will ask the Federal Aviation Administration to consider some changes in the current program without requiring a new noise study.
If the FAA should require a new study, Mulder said at the authority’s September meeting it could result in a halt to the current program until its completion, a potential two-year delay.
The authority also agreed to “make reasonable efforts” to provide additional benefits if feasible and at their discretion.
Approval was given by the authority under the current program to make changes for 115 homes, reducing the program cost by $156,254 in the $3.66 million contracts for two groups of home.
On a per-home basis the cost is under $30,000 compared with a $35,000 to $40,000 range previously, using cost adjusted prices, the authority was told.
In all, 810 homes have received sound insulation under the program, 66 homeowners took the option to have assistance in selling their homes and 53 homeowners opted to give Tulsa International an avigation easement in return for cash.
R. Nancy McNair, secretary and legal counsel, told the authority in its fiscal year report that nine bond issues remain outstanding with a total debt of $119.8 million.
Ten projects with a program cost of $10.13 million were completed at Tulsa International during the year and $19.3 million in federal and state grants were received for Tulsa International and Jones-Riverside Airports.
Meredith M. Siegfried was re-elected chairman; Charles M. Sublett, vice chairman, and McNair, secretary, of the authority and its two financial trusts.
Airlines boarded 145,077 passengers at Tulsa International during August, down from 157,115 in July despite the PGA tournament at Southern Hills, but was up from a year earlier when there were 135,129 departing passengers.
Cargo movements through Tulsa International were up from both a month previously and a year earlier at 5,788 tons of mail and freight compared with 5,046 tons in July and 5,322 tons in August 2006.

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