BA Development to be Pedestrian Friendly

The new commercial development on Kenosha Street east of Lynn Lane out to the Creek Turnpike will feature familiar destinations like Target, Walmart and Marshalls. However, the pedestrian-friendly configuration of that real estate might seem unfamiliar.
“Even before energy prices started rising we were thinking along those lines,” said Broken Arrow City Manager Jim Twombly.
The city is planning infrastructure — streets, floodways and trails — to be more in tune with conservation and preservation of natural systems.
“That will be part of an integration of future school and park sites in the long-term planning of the east side,” he said. “Right now we have parks, trails and schools, but they remain unconnected. In the future, we want to encourage people to hike, hop on a bike or even rollerblade to shop or go to a park.”
City Planner Farhad Daroga said the city has made it a priority to connect sidewalks during intersection and street improvement projects.
“Walk ability is much better now than it was in the past. In fact, many drugstores have been constructed on corners in a way that actually encourages residents to visit on foot.
It helps that developers are more amenable to change these days, added Daroga.
“They plan now for paths and sidewalks. Most consumers will never notice, but newer sidewalks are ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) accessible up to stores.”
“There is a national trend toward reducing reliance on automobiles and planning for more sustainable development, Twombly said, “that is one of the principles at work on BA’s east side.”

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