BA to Provide Infrastructure For Development

A $2.5-million agreement has been struck between the City of Broken Arrow and Auburndale-Halifax Broken Arrow LLC for the construction of public infrastructure for a Target and commercial sites in Broken Arrow.
According to the agreement, a majority of the work will be done by city crews but some will be contracted out.
The BA City Council voted to spend an amount up to $50,000 for engineering design of the proposed infrastructure; the balance of the $2.5 million will be used to build a half mile of commercial collector street, curb and gutter, grading, drainage and paving, sidewalk, driveways, utility crossings, water line and erosion control.
The project will also provide public water lines and fire hydrants, public sewer lines, streetlights and creek channel relocation on the 65-acre site east of Lynn Lane along Hillside Drive.
A 24-inch waterline connecting the existing lines on Hillside Drive, 14th Street and the Broken Arrow Expressway has already been constructed as part of the initial agreement for the development of the property.
According to city officials, the 120,000-SF Target Store will be joined by additional commercial development of 230,000 SF over a five-year period. Officials estimate that the square footage could provide the city with as much as $3 million in tax revenue per year.
The Target project will occupy approximately 11 acres and is expected to employ 155 associates when completed. It is expected to open in October 2008.
The remaining phases will provide entertainment and restaurant space.
Halifax’s obligations include a reimbursement to the city of infrastructure construction costs, not to exceed $1 million, if 350,000 SF of retail, entertainment and restaurant space has not been opened within five years.

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