BOK Center, Talons Reach Agreement

The BOK Center and the Tulsa Talons reach a rental agreement where the Tulsa Talons will return to the BOK Center.
“We consider the City of Tulsa and the BOK Center our home,” said Michael Johnson, Talons ownership partner. “We expect it to stay that way for a very long time. Our new deal with the BOK Center is truly a win-win situation that promotes both the long-term viability of the team and the arena.”
The agreement creates a marketing partnership between the two entities whereby the BOK Center’s full-service marketing department will assist the team in media buying/planning, grassroots marketing, public relations, group sales and database marketing.
The key to success for the BOK Center is the collaboration that exists between the venue and its clients, said John Bolton, general manager of the BOK Center.
“Each party has to work together to maximize the strengths of each entity,” he said. “I believe our new agreement creates a shared responsibility for the success of the team in Tulsa.”

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