BOk Financial Services Opens Centralized Office

Bank of Oklahoma Private Financial Services announces a new location hosting the strongest array of financial products and advice available in the Tulsa market for financially successful individuals. In addition to the new, central office, clients may also utilize any of BOk’s 73 statewide locations. The consolidation to one office location for all BOk wealth advisors offers clients a confidential and powerful environment where experienced wealth management professionals can readily collaborate and recommend sophisticated portfolio strategies.
Centrally located at BOk Place At Southern Hills, 5727 S. Lewis Ave., the BOk Wealth Advisory Team’s highly regarded expertise in financial planning, investment performance and wealth transfer will provide clients with a complete array of financial advice, featuring the best products and solutions in the marketplace. BOk Private Financial Services is responsible for more than $30 billion in assets under management, $12 billion of which is under sole discretion, making the organization the largest provider of wealth management services in Oklahoma.
“BOk Place At Southern Hills is a complete banking experience for our most successful clients,” says Jim Holloman, Bank of Oklahoma Executive Vice President. “Our clients will benefit from this concentration of talent, skill and services in one location. The combination of talent and products offered attest to BOk’s commitment to remain the state’s most effective provider of wealth management services.”
In addition to the company’s private bankers, trust officers, wealth transfer specialists and investment consultants, the new location also will house BOk’s Portfolio Management Group.
“Our portfolio managers build investment portfolios using best of breed solutions across all asset classes,” Holloman says. “We customize a blend of nationally competitive investment managers, our own nationally recognized investments and sophisticated alternative investment options based on each of our clients’ unique objectives.”
Also, BOk will open a full-service consumer branch in the first floor of BOK Place. The branch is slated to open in early 2007 and will feature multiple drive-up lanes and an ATM.
Bank of Oklahoma, N.A., is a subsidiary of BOK Financial Corporation, a financial services company that provides commercial and consumer banking, investment and trust services, mortgage origination and servicing, and an electronic funds transfer network. Other holdings include Bank of Albuquerque, N.A., Bank of Arizona, N.A., AXIA Investment Management, Bank of Arkansas, N.A., Bank of Texas, N.A., Colorado State Bank and Trust, N.A., Bank of Kansas City, N.A., broker-dealer BOSC, Inc., Southwest Trust Co. and the TransFund electronic funds network. Shares of BOK Financial are traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol BOKF.

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