Babcock Finds New Dwelling Space in Philcade

Mary Beth Babcock is excited about her new store. You can read it in her mannerisms and hear it in the tenor of her voice.
Babcock, 36, is the owner of Dwelling Spaces, an eccentric shop in Tulsa’s historic Blue Dome District, that offers an array of “modern furniture, fun home accessories and unique gifts,” and on Nov. 1, 2008, she plans to open the doors of her new “mini boutique” on the bottom floor of the Philcade Building.
Babcock said she opened her store in August 2006, after a long search for the perfect location.
“I knew I wanted to open a gift shop,” Babcock said. “I looked at Brookside and Cherry Street and this location [119 S. Detroit].
“This place was being used for storage at the time, but I could see through the clutter. Downtown has always felt more comfortable for me personally. The area felt right, like there was something about to happen.”
Babcock said, after convincing property owner Michael Sager of her business plan, she was able to move in, and has never looked back.
Babcock’s new store, tentatively dubbed Dwelling Spaces at Philcade, will offer a more Oklahoma- and Tulsa-centric collection of gifts, including local boutique T-shirt lines, historic photographs and coffee-table books with subjects centering on Tulsa and Oklahoma.
“We’ll only have Oklahoma and Tulsa-related merchandise,” Babcock said. “It’s all going to be pro-Tulsa and pro-Oklahoma pride. I feel like more people are feeling that way these days. People aren’t ashamed to say they’re from Oklahoma anymore.”
Babcock said, when first approached by Victor R. Wanres of Kanbar Properties about opening a store in the Tulsa landmark, she was flattered to be given the opportunity.
“To be offered a spot in such an historic building is such an honor,” she said.
Babcock said she will open her new store during limited hours – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. – at first, but hopes to extend her hours as demand increases.
According to, Leon B. Senter designed the Philcade Building after being commissioned by Waite Phillips. Original ground breaking occurred in 1929 and the building was completed in 1931.
The Philcade Building is located at 511 S. Boston Ave, and is managed by Kanbar Properties.

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