Bank of the Lakes Dives Into Catoosa Market

Bank of the Lakes opened a branch in Catoosa in September, giving it seven facilities in northeastern Oklahoma.
Mike Gibson, president and CEO of the Owasso-based bank, said the bank picked the location because “We think Catoosa is poised for great growth.”
“It’s a great location. It already has the Port of Catoosa – a lot of people don’t even think about the jobs and the business that are located out there. It’s huge. Plus with the Cherokee Casino, we believe Catoosa has the potential to really put on some growth in the next 10-15 years,” he said.
“We are a small-town community bank,” he said. “Our forte is serving consumers, but we also cater to small business.”
Citing similar activity at its Owasso and Collinsville branches, Gibson said, “We like to make construction and real estate development loans. We think there is going to be potential for a large amount of that in Catoosa.”
Bank of the Lakes is housed in 5,500 SF of the 9,000 SF Bank of the Lakes Business Center. The additional space is used for commercial clients.
Patti Clark, branch manager, said the full-service branch includes a three-lane drive-through and residential mortgage and investment services.
Bank of the Lakes also has branches in Owasso, Collinsville, Oologah, Langley, Ketchum and Bernice.

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