Banker’s Book on Life

Tulsa area banker Sean Kouplen’s book of advice for young professionals looking to move up in the corporate world got off to its own quick start when it was released on May 29.
Kouplen’s book, Out of the Blocks, on the first day it was available on Amazon, strode from No. 390,000 on the Website’s rankings of sales to No. 4,320.
“It has been going strong ever since,” Kouplen said. “Its kind of amazing.”
Kouplen, CEO of Regent Bank in Nowata and formerly president and COO of Grand Bank in Tulsa, said he got the idea for the book while he was teaching classes at OSU-Tulsa as an adjunct professor.
“After class, my students would constantly have questions about their future – they were confused about their careers and didn’t know how to move up in the corporate world,” he said. “I began looking for a book to give to them as a gift and I couldnt find one that I felt met their needs, and so I just began writing one.”
Out of the Blocks is an easy-to-read allegory about a college student named Jamie Walker. As Walker nears graduation, he begins his search for a fulfilling career and learns that he must reconcile a few misconceptions and learn to be a quick study if he is to distinguish himself from the rest of the pack. Walker is introduced to a successful mentor who teaches him twelve important life lessons that make all the difference.

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