Bartlesville OKs $100 Million Commercial Development

The Bartlesville City Council has voted to approve a rezoning request for a 43.7-acre tract of land located at the northwest corner of U.S. Highway 75 and Rice Creek Road.
The council gave unanimous approval to the rezoning of the land, which was zoned Multi-family Residential, Major Shopping District, and General Commercial District along different tracts.
The applicant, Tanner Consulting requested the rezoning on behalf of Bartlesville-based developer Gerald Coast, dba Coast Development Group LLC.
The rezoning approval means Coast will develop the Southside Market Commercial Center, which will contain 14 lots, including two hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and retail establishments.
According to the petition for rezoning presented to the city council, the land will contain 17.4 acres of retail, 4.2 acres, in two lots, dedicated to hotel space, 7.4 acres for restaurants in seven lots, and 4 acres for a “lifestyle center.”
According to the site development plan, the development will have four access points, two from U.S. 75 and two from Rice Creek Road.

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