Baseball Construction On time

ONEOK Field, on schedule, is about 25 percent complete, said Bob Jack, project executive for Manhattan Construction Co.
Jack and Chuck Lamson, president of the Tulsa Drillers, provided an update on the construction, next phase, project time line and economic impact for the media on Tuesday. Tulsa city officials received a tour Monday. The Drillers are the AA baseball affiliate of the National League’s Colorado Rockies.
“In construction, some areas are ahead, some behind,” Jack said. “There are multiple tasks going at on at multiple locations.”
Manhattan started digging out the bowl early this year even as drawings were being finalized.
Lamson is delighted with progress.
“ONEOK Field will be comparable to any other ballpark in the Texas League,” Lamson said. Designers took the best ideas from stadiums around the league and incorporated them into ONEOK Field.
When the Drillers open the 2010 campaign downtown on April 8, they will be playing in the seventh ballpark in the Texas League to open since 2001. The oldest after this season will be San Antonio, which opened in 1994.
“I think it bodes well for the future of the Texas League,” Lamson said.
Manhattan crews, digging in an area that has been built on for more than a century, encountered water and sewer lines that were not on any drawings.
Manhattan expects 200 to 300 workers will be at the site at peak activity, working six days a week, anywhere from 10 to 12 hour shifts, depending on what’s happening, Jack said.
“When you pour concrete, you go until it is done,” he said.

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