Bass Pro Payments Tumble

An anticipated increase in Bass Pro Shops’ monthly lease payments to the City of Broken Arrow did not materialize in October.
The store’s latest payment of $49,602 represents a decline of $9,247 from the previous month and $29 below August’s total.
Lease payments are based on a percentage of sales at the city-owned facility.
Debt service on the $20 million city-owned outlet is approximately $1.9 million a year.
So far this calendar year, Bass Pro has made lease payments of $498,822. That means it will take two consecutive months of $175,589 checks to come up to its $850,000 annual guarantee.
Since it opened on Oct. 20, 2005, Bass Pro’s largest lease payment was $124,659 in December of that year. The lowest for a full month’s business was $31,884 in January 2006.

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