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Tulsa Business Journal: Tell us a little bit about your business. When did/will you start it? Why? What is the overall mission of your business?
Beaute Purpose: Beaute Purpose, founded by Regina Collins and Tonya Williams, held an official launch event April 23 at the Agora Coffee House. The mission of Beaute Purpose is to inform consumers about the ingredients commonly found in personal care products, make consumers aware of highly effective, quality natural alternatives and provide high-quality, affordable natural products for healthy beauty.

TBJ: What is your background? What made you interested in starting this particular business?
BP: We were both independent beauty consultants for an international skin care and cosmetics company. Last fall Regina’s doctor told her that her body was fighting cancer and that the best thing she could do was go home and throw out all her skin care, personal care, cosmetics, and household cleaners and go all natural.
The reason he said is that most of these products contain ingredients that a body fighting disease, especially cancer, cannot fend off while fighting the disease.
After trying to find natural products, we became frustrated and decided to start our own company in order to provide affordable high-quality natural products.

TBJ: Have you started a business before?
BP: Regina has started a desktop publishing business, two consulting businesses, federal grant writing and consulting for education business, and a web design and consulting business.

TBJ: How are you funding your business?
BP: We are currently seeking silent investors to grow the business. We have met with an interested investor in Oklahoma City and are following up with another.

TBJ: Have revenues been what you expected and/or hoped?
BP: Revenues are very close to what we projected so far.

TBJ: Where would you like to take your business in the next year?
BP: Within the first year we plan to be carried by independent local retailers and major retail locations throughout the state of Oklahoma. We plan to be promoted by natural health clinics, chiropractors, and holistic health practitioners. We plan to be available for wholesale and retail online.

TBJ: In the next five years?
BP: In the next five years our plan is to be sold at local retail locations internationally, host health and wellness groups in a variety of venues, and demonstrate a business model to allow local small business owners to coop within a storefront and offer their products in a setting that attracts their target markets.
TBJ: What do you hope to gain from participating in the Spirit Award?
BP: This process has encouraged us to dedicate more time to the business plan than we may have if we had not entered the contest.
Refining the business plan has empowered us to boldly share our mission and passion in a clear and concise manner. Feedback from successful entrepreneurs is an invaluable reward for our participation.
We have already made friendships and created bonds with entrepreneurs who have been a blessing to us through our involvement.

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