Beautiful Brands to Franchise Tulsa-Based Restaurant

Beautiful Brands International adds Tulsa-based restaurant, The Crusty Croissant, to its portfolio of restaurants to market and franchise worldwide.
“It’s not everyday you discover a business model of this caliber with such enormous national appeal and franchising potential,” said David Rutkauskas, BBI founder, president and CEO. “We believe it’s a great opportunity to utilize our time tested business systems to turn the success this brand has enjoyed locally into a winning formula nationwide.”
The agreement between Sean and Kristie Savage, owners of The Crusty Croissant, and Beautiful Brands International will utilize BBI’s organizational and support system to market and franchise the brand on a national and global scale. BBI’s support will include product development, marketing, real estate, architecture, legal, franchise sales, and other aspects of franchise development. The Crusty Croissant will be positioned as a fast casual Bakery Café concept, with a smaller footprint and lower start-up costs than many of its competitors.
The franchising expertise and involvement of BBI offers unlimited potential, Sean Savage said.
“We have an excellent opportunity to fill an industry segment for creative Euro-cuisine at a reasonable cost,” he said. “And, to develop our brand globally according to a very successful proven approach through BBI.”
Opened a year ago, The Crusty Croissant has received a significant response from the Brookside community along with rave reviews for its culinary combinations. With over twenty years experience as a restaurateur, Sean Savage has created a French influenced menu that includes mouth-watering croissants, crepes, chicken, turkey, quiches and pork tenderloin, along with incredible shrimp and spinach pasta dishes. Also on the menu are salads and fruit, coffees, teas and a pastry case filled with desserts.
“In order for any brand to succeed nationally or internationally, it has to have universal appeal. And, that’s exactly what makes The Crusty Croissant so viable; it has incredible cuisine that anyone will love,” said Rutkauskas. “I look forward to teaming with Sean and Kristie in energizing their business model and developing this unique concept into a winning franchise formula.”
The Crusty Croissant is one of six concepts privately held by Beautiful Brands International.

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