Bixby City Council Approves Two Developments

The Bixby City Council has approved two tracts of land for residential development.
The first, located north of 151st Street and east of Sandusky Avenue, adjacent to Auberge I, will be known as Auberge II, will be platted as a private and gated subdivision.
The second, located at 146th Street and East of Memorial Ave. will be a mixed use development known as South Village.
The plans for Auberge II provides for a gated, single-family residential development featuring private streets and consisting of a maximum of 68 lots.
The property consists of approximately 13.13 acres located near South Yale Avenue between East 151st Street and East 141st Street.
The Auberge II is nested in the heart of a well-developed residential area. The development will border The Auberge to the north and partially to the northeast, Falcon Ridge Estates II to the north and partially to the northeast, the WhiteHawk Golf Villas to the east, and an undeveloped tract to the south.
All lots in Auberge II will have access to the platted streets in The Auberge which connect to South Yale Avenue.
South Village will be a mixed-use development containing retail, dining, entertainment, office and multi-family uses.
The overall South Village site contains 20.165 acres.
Development Area A of South Village will be planned for restaurant or commercial retail uses next to South Memorial Drive.
Area B will incorporate mixed uses such as a life-style center that will include two-story and three-story buildings with streetscape retail shops, plus office space and/or residential units above, together with free-standing entertainment facilities such as a multi-screen movie theater and recreational activity center.
Area B will include multi-family residential homes, commercial shops, offices and entertainment venues, all connected by landscaped walkways.
The life-style center will be enhanced by the proximity of South Village to the Arkansas River biking and jogging trail along its entire south boundary and the Bentley Park recreational facilities to the north.

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