Boeing Sets Records for Airplane Orders in 2006

The Boeing Company recorded 1,044 net commercial airplane orders during 2006, and for the second year in a row set a Boeing record for total orders in a single year.

The 2006 total surpasses the previous Boeing record of 1,002 net orders in 2005. Gross orders in 2006, which exclude cancellations and conversions, totaled 1,050. Boeing recorded 1,029 gross orders in 2005.

For the second consecutive year, the 737 program achieved a record with net orders of 729 airplanes. The previous record total for the 737 program was 569 in 2005.

Boeing also had a strong year across the board in twin-aisle commercial airplanes: 157 orders for the 787 Dreamliner program, 76 orders for 777s, 10 orders for 767s, and 72 orders for 747s — the highest total for the 747 program since 1990 and fifth highest in the history of the program.

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