Boruff Takes Office at Price Tower Arts Center

Timothy L. Boruff began his duties as the new Executive Director at Price Tower Arts Center.

“I’m wanting to pull the staff, Board of Trustees and the community leaders together to review our current strategic plan, brainstorm and move forward collectively towards the future successes at Price Tower,” says Boruff.

Tim has most recently been a non-profit consultant with his own firm, Boruff Consulting Services and an adjunct professor at Indiana University-Purdue University teaching Leadership in the Non-Profit Sector. He was formerly the deputy director of administration, finance and planning at Indianapolis Museum of Art and previously the president and chief financial officer for Fairbanks Hospital, Inc.

“So far I have been impressed with the phenomenal history of the Price Tower and the enthusiasm of the staff. I anticipate moving forward with a great deal of respect for that history and for the staff,” says Boruff ,” the city of Bartlesville is a wonderful town, and the Price Tower is the perfect place for me to finish my museum career.”

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