Resting comfortably in the shadows of Saint Francis Hospital and Warren Place, just south of one of the city’s most traveled thoroughfares, off 61st Street and South Yale Avenue, the Braeswood Subdivision is the subject of the Tulsa Business Journal’s second annual neighborhood profile.
Nestled around a city owned, 1.5 acre, fountain-filled lake, bordered to the north by a decorative brick wall and filled with mature shade trees and finely manicured lawns, Braeswood is convenient to both LaFortune Park Golf Course and Southern Hills Country Club patrons.
Founded in 1981, the development is one of Tulsa’s premier subdivisions in the mid-range, upscale housing market.
With access points at South Oswego and South Louisville Avenues from 61st Street on the north and 62nd Street from Quebec Avenue on the east, the Braeswood Subdivision lies in the Carnegie Elementary School, Nimitz Middle School and Memorial High School districts.
Opened by Tulsa land developer Ira Crews Jr., the subdivision boasts 74 homes, contains 321,171-SF of living space, and appraises for more than $32.6 million. The average Braeswood home contains 4,340-SF and appraises for $441,150.
The 2006 TBJ Neighborhood Profile, the 85-home Woodycrest Subdivision, boasted 401,724-SF of living space and appraised for $78.5 million. Homes averaged 4,726-SF and were appraised at more than $923,000 per home.
The covenants of the Braeswood neighborhood, adopted and filed in 1981, show a neighborhood determined to maintain elegance and consistency in its homes.
The development restrictions include a ban on homes with less than 3,000-SF of enclosed living area and a rule requiring all two-story homes to include 2,000-SF on the first floor and not less than 1,200 on the second. The covenants also ban privacy fences and restrict the types of landscaping materials.
*A complete list of homes located in Braeswood can be found in the print edition of the Tulsa Business Journal.

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