Bringing It Back Home

Nearly 60 Tulsa firms signed up for the Tulsa Metro Chamber’s buy-local campaign in the first week after the program focused on returning out-of-area business purchases to the Tulsa region was announced.
By Oct. 11, 78 firms had pledged to participate, up from the original 20 that had signed up before the launch, said Sheila Curley, the Chamber’s spokesperson.
“An estimated $10.6 billion leaves the local economy each year, which is more than $29 million each day,” said Lynda Wingo, executive director of Miss Helen’s Private School and the Chamber’s vice chairman of the Board for Small Business. “We have more than 35,000 businesses in the Tulsa seven-county MSA, all unique in products and services.”
The buy-local campaign called “Let’s Do Business” asks local companies to pledge to examine its purchasing practices and identify, where possible, five percent of its out-of-area business purchases and seek ways to return them to the Tulsa region.
The campaign is a joint effort between the Chamber’s Small Business Council and its economic development program called Tulsa’s Future.
“The creation of jobs is not only through the pursuit of new businesses moving to the region,” said Dan Ellinor, sr. executive vice president for Bank of Oklahoma and the Chamber’s vice chairman of the Board for Economic Development. “Jobs are created by the companies that are already here. Our existing businesses are the primary driver in today’s economy and will account for roughly 60 percent of all new-job creation through 2010.”
Let’s Do Business is a business-to-business initiative, not business-to-consumer. ?

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