Broken Arrow Recommends Building Moratorium

The Broken Arrow city council will be asked Monday to help keep a major problem from getting even larger while city staff figures out a way to make it go away.

The council will be asked to vote in a 120-day moratorium on the issuance of new building permits for the Glen Eagles IV and Amended Glen Eagles subdivisions, city staff announced Wednesday at a meeting of the Citizens Flood Action Committee.

“This would impact only the two different subdivisions immediately east of Steeplechase Farms and Steeplechase,” said Development Department Director Michael Skates.

Skates has the authority to stop building permits under many different criteria, but a council-issued moratorium would put more teeth into the stoppage while city staff works to find long and short term solutions to flood issues.

“If the council approves and if, during that 120 days we get issues resolved we can lift the moratorium,” he said. “If not, we can go back to the city council and ask for an extension if needed.”

Assuming the moratorium passes, Skates would issue a statement to builders in the two subdivisions “advising them that there will be no further building permits issued,” for the designated period of time.

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