CNI Hiring New Workers

Cherokee Nation Industries is hiring dozens of new employees over the next few months to meet customer demand and continuing business growth.
“CNI is creating jobs proactively to meet our customers’ needs,” said Bryan Collins, acting chief executive officer of CNI. “Adding new employees will enhance and complement our seasoned workforce and position ourselves for ongoing growth.”
As CNI’s clients continually raise their own quality standards, CNI must also continue to train more highly skilled workers. Over the past three years, CNI’s employment numbers have nearly doubled, to almost 250 jobs in the Stilwell and Tahlequah area.
“In order for CNI to continue being a preferred supplier to these companies we need to have enough highly skilled workers trained to take on the additional workload,” Collins said.
The new positions at CNI require an initial training of about four to six weeks, and then new hires will spend several months perfecting the craft through constant repetition. These employees perform intricate, precise production of wiring and cable assembles for the aerospace industry.
Employees at CNI have earned notable recognitions from companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Southwestern Bell.
“With record revenues this past year, it is clear that CNI will continue its pattern of growth for many years to come,” said Chad Smith, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

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