CTCA Expansion Projects Reach Halfway Mark

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, at 81st St. and Highway 169, is halfway through a construction phase adding more than 60,000 SF to the structure.
Construction began in August 2008, and the following projects are now complete: expansion of the warehouse, central plant and the addition of a caf√? and dining room for employees. Other expansion efforts underway include 78 additional outpatient accommodations, conference space for CTCA patients, physicians and clinicians to conduct integrated treatment planning meetings, and a fitness center for patients, their families and employees.
As part of the central plant expansion, CTCA added three on-site emergency power generators and one large uninterruptable power supply to ensure continuous care in areas such as radiation oncology and imaging services in the event of a power outage.
“After experiencing power outages from the ice storm in December 2007, we decided to make this investment,” said Steve Mackin, CTCA president and CEO of the Tulsa hospital. “More than just backup power, we can now be sure that if a power outage occurs, our services will continue operating without any interruptions.”
The new 1,708-SF employee café features enough room for 64 people. Six cooks and hostesses were hired for the new café.
The 2,512-SF fitness center, 78 additional outpatient accommodations and administration expansion efforts are still under construction, with an estimated completion date of September 2009. Approximately five full-time and six part-time housekeeping staff and two engineers will be added once this phase is complete.
Over the last four years, CTCA has added about 200 employees to its staff. The hospital had 463 employees in April 2005 when it moved into its new building; today it has almost 660.
The hospital is finalizing the next phase of construction, which will include doubling the size of its clinic by adding more patient exam rooms. This phase is expected to begin in the fall of 2009 and will add another 14,000 SF.

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