Cadillac Dealership Sells For $11 million

Thomas Cadillac now is Don Thornton Cadillac Saab.

The dealership at 5939 S. Memorial Drive sold on Aug., 8, for about $11 million, including property.

Owners are Don Thornton, owner of Lexus of Tulsa, and Sam Pack, who owns three Ford dealerships in Dallas.

No personnel changes are planned at the Cadillac dealership, said Thornton. Immediate plans call for improving the physical facilities and introducing some procedures currently in use at Lexus and Land Rover of Tulsa.

Thornton noted that when he bought that dealership six years ago he made very few changes, and most personnel still are in place.

The transition to the Cadillac line of vehicles is almost seamless for Thornton. He has sold the line of vehicles for nearly all of the 33 years he has been in the automobile business.

He came to Tulsa and bought into the Lloyd Brown Porsche dealership at almost the same time that John Thomas arrived in late 1968 to buy the Greenleaf-Stunkard dealership, then located between East 11th and East 12th Streets on Boston Avenue.

The dealership moved to the Memorial location in 1979.

‘‘John and I became good friends during that short time before his death,’’ Thornton said.

‘‘Our goal as new owners is to provide sales and service as good as it was in the past and make improvements where needed.’’ ?

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