Cancer Treatment Expansion at Halfway Mark

Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southwestern Regional Medical Center in Tulsa reaches the halfway completion mark. The hospital, 81st Street and U.S. 169, is halfway through the construction phase of adding 60,000. SF.
Construction for the expansion began in August and the following projects are now complete: expansion of the warehouse, central plant, and the addition of a café and dining room for employees. The other expansion efforts currently underway include 78 additional outpatient accommodations, conference space for CTCA patients, physicians and clinicians to conduct integrated treatment planning meetings, and a fitness center for patients, their families, and employees.
“This expansion effort is part of our strategic long-term plan to continue offering our patients the services they want and need,” said Steve Mackin, CTCA president and CEO of the Tulsa hospital. “It’s all part of our Mother Standard? of care – treating our patients with the same compassionate, individualized approach to care that we would want our own loved ones to receive.”
A new 1,708 SF employee café was added to provide patients and their family members more space and shorter lines in the patient café. The new employee café and dining room features enough room for 64 people and includes a grill, an organic salad bar, an espresso machine and an entrée station. Six cooks and hostess were hired for the new café.

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