Channels Details Coming Out

On October 18, world-famous architect Bing Thom was on Peoria Avenue with a model of the Channels.
“It is important to embrace your tradition,” he said answering questions. He said his design is “founded on Tulsa history.”
He said he created the taller buildings to frame the downtown part of Tulsa. He said if his design was too small, it would be dwarfed. Too big, and it would dwarf downtown.
Thom said the Channels could be built in two to three years, depending on several variables.
Thom said that people on the expressways will see the canopy. “They will always notice the sparkle that says come, come,” he said.
Later in the week, news reports of flooding in Southwest Tulsa areas began to surface.
During the 26th annual Oktoberfest, it became known that possibly RiverParks and River West Festival Park, and Westport Apartments will be affected, the 23rd City Yard may be affected and even the Burlington-Northern bridge might need to move to make room for taller boats.
Asked if they could make the riverbed deeper, and not flood the westside of Tulsa, Senior Project Manager Steve Jacoby said the water would be trapped if the bed was deeper.
He said the head pressure needs to be greater than the downstream pressure.
With 12 acres of manmade islands, the riverbed needs to be wider.
He said no option was being considered at this time that would preserve the west bank.
Ryan Rex of Rex Public Relations said the project is “reliant on renewable energy” and the moving nature of the water was needed to create the energy.
The County Commission will vote on whether to call an election Dec. 11
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