Chase Donates $10,000 to Credit Counseling Centers

Chase is donating $10,000 to Credit Counseling Centers of OK Inc. in Tulsa as part of a $1.3 million donation through its Financial Literacy Grant Program to similar organizations across the country.
The grants will be used for financial literacy programs to help more Americans understand and take control of their finances – help that is especially critical in today’s uncertain economy.
According to a recent survey by Freddie Mac and Roper Public Affairs and Media, 57 percent of late-paying borrowers still do not know lenders may offer workout options to help avoid foreclosure. However, borrower confusion is not limited to mortgages and can extend across the financial industry.
Credit Counseling Centers, a previous recipient of Chase’s grant, believes financial literacy should start from an early age. The agency plans to use this year’s grant to support its interactive education program targeting high school students and young adults. A previous grant was used to train counselors in order to develop the program. This year, funds will cover travel and materials costs so that the program can expand. The financial literacy program will be brought to almost 2,000 high school students and young adults with the help of the grant.
Chase’s Financial Literacy Grant Program, now in its third year, gives consumers greater access to information, credit counseling services and the support resources that they need to take control of their finances and improve their financial health and stability.

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