Cherokee Nation Tribal Council Approves Expansion Funding

The Cherokee Nation Tribal Council overwhelmingly approved legislation to provide for the funding of services for citizens, as well as expansion of business operations during their monthly meeting yesterday.
The Council passed a budget module of nearly $6 million to fund Sequoyah Schools’ Tsu-Na-Ne-Lo-Di (Place Where They Play) center and the tribe’s Nowata, Muskogee and Sallisaw health centers.
The module also included $120,000 to fund the Cherokee language bachelor’s degree program at Northeastern State University. In addition, the Council passed a resolution authorizing the financing of expansions at Cherokee Nation Enterprises.
The Council also confirmed several nominations to the board of Cherokee Nation entities, including approving William Grass as a board member to Cherokee Nation Industries and to Cherokee Nation Businesses, Jim Carson as a board member to Cherokee Nation Industries, and Dennis Dowell and B.J. Dumond as board members to Cherokee Nation Enterprises.
The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Council will be held Monday, March 12, in the Council Chambers of the Cherokee Nation complex south of Tahlequah.

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