Choc Beer Debuts Basement Batch Pale Ale

Choc Beer Company’s new Basement Batch Pale Ale will appear on liquor store shelves just in time for July 4 celebrations. Named the No. 1 summer brew in a recent Urban Tulsa taste test, Basement Batch is a traditional, American-style pale ale. This beer is made with malted barley combined with liberal amounts of caramel and Victory malts to give it a rich, almost nutty, background that complements the citrus character of Cascade hops.
The name of the beer is based on a story about how, in 1919, brewer and Italian immigrant Pietro “Pete” Piegari began producing beer in his basement for his friends and family in Krebs, Oklahoma. Soon people showed up at Pete’s home to buy and drink his basement-brewed batches of beer, and Pete often invited them to come in for a meal. This traffic resulted in Pete’s Place restaurant, which is still owned and operated by the Prichard family in Krebs.
Krebs Brewing Company is Oklahoma’s oldest brewery, brewing legally and illegally for more than 85 years. Krebs Brewing Company recently formed subsidiary, Choc Beer Company, packages and distributes a family of Choc Beers.

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